About Susanne

Susanne ParkSusanne has been baking up sweets for almost two decades.  After successfully bringing a wide variety of gluten free and vegan treats to market, she redirected her energy towards the development of even more nutritious and vibrant treats to fulfill a developing need in society.  Her passionate goal is to deliver healthy products to consumers that reflect their rising awareness of cutting edge nutrition research and its effect on our bodies.

Thanks to this meticulous, imaginative, and curious approach to food development, Susanne began a study of Integrative Nutrition and subsequently increased her drive to supply customers with healthy alternatives to traditional snacks. The vast knowledge base of nutrition ideas afforded by these studies has fostered the belief that healthy, energizing and tasty snacks not only have an increasingly important market, but are in heightened demand from consumers concerned about the types of foods being sold and consumed.

Susanne believes that healthy good doesn't have to taste bad so she set out to prove it, and, with The Good Cooky, she's done exactly that! Check out our available bites today and "Treat Yourself Well!"